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Who are we?

  • we go on peace protests - staying at youth hostels where possible and
    making a weekend of it, rather than getting up at an unreasonable hour to go
    on the coach (pics of Fylingdales and Aldermaston)

  • go on London demonstrations - meeting under the clock at Charing Cross
    before the demo

  • have a stall at Lewisham Peoples Day

  • support Lewisham Peace Justice Solidarity

  • major campaigns on "No replacement for Trident", "Troops out of
    Afghanistan", "No attack upon Iran"

  • regular street leafleting in Lewisham, Greenwich and Blackheath

  • public meetings once or twice a year - past meeting on "Peace Tax
    Campaign", "Israeli attack on Gaza", "Keep space for Peace", "What's
    happening in Afghanistan"

  • Christmas party and film (past films include "All quite on the Western
    Front", "Canadian Bacon", "Matinee", "Dr Strangelove")

  • Support events organized by Sydenham and Forest Hill CND and Beckenham and
    Bromley CND - especially Remembrance Sunday "White Poppy" ceremony in Bromley

  • Member of London Region CND - support the monthly "No to Trident" vigil in
    Parliament Square organized by LRCND - first Tuesday of the month - 5 till 7pm

  • Presented a ceramic "peace crane" to the Mayor of Lewisham, to mark
    Lewisham joining "Mayors for Peace"